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  • In the case of modifying existing cogs, start out by asking the original cog creator for modifications via their repo issues or other methods of communication they mention on their repo’s README. If the original cog creator agrees with you on adding the feature(s), this is a more preferential path to the Quality Assurance team than requesting modification via another developer.

  • Consider writing a follow-up post on the topic to rate your experience with the requester or developer.

Failure of Payment or Service

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We will conduct an investigation that may result in a ban or suspension from Cog Board. Cog Board is not responsible for any loss of funds, software, property, content, or lack thereof.

[HIRED] [PAID] Bad Touch Cog - $20
[PAID] Reaction TicketTool
[FREEBIE] EmbedMaker-like Cog
[PAID] Gateway/Events Cog [$50]
[CANCELLED] Giveaway cog
[For Hire] Server-specific Moderation tools + General red-bot"s" managment
[HIRED] Points system for entertainment
[PAID or FREE] Buttons Cog
$30 Sync user balance with external DB
[FREEBIE] Clash of clan cog
[CANCELLED] Requesting a rewrite for a cog [Willing to pay]
Looking to Hire Bot Devs
Yunohost Integration Cog
[HIRED] [PAID or FREE] Crawl webpage CSS to get server status
Tally tracker
[PAID] Emoji removal cog
DayZ Nitrado Gameserver Cogs
Free please
[Price Negotiable] Karaoke Cog
Yandex image search cog
[HIRED] Chevereto api based automatic image uploader
[Free]Python to Red V3 Cog conversion request
[FREE] Timer Cog
[FREE] Add BFD support to dbltools
Discord to Google Sheet Integration
Premium Features
Custom stock market
[PAID] Birthday cog
[FREE] YouTube Together Activity
[CANCELLED] [FREEBIE] Anime Card Collecting Cog
[PAID] [Payment]Cog error fix/modification
[paid] Giveaway Cog and help command
[CANCELLED] Tiktok and Weverse notification. i pay $20 for tiktok and $15 for Weverse
[HIRED] [PAID] $50 Dark Age API Fetch + Custom API POST feature
[$5+] Command to turn users .on and .off like notsobot
[$5] Modify SauriCogs' suggestion cog
[PAID][Modify/Update] Looking to Send Embeds to another channel w/ Sinbad's Repo
[CANCELLED] [HIRED] [Hired][PAID] v2 cog to v3
Welcome message that can mention a Role upon a new member arriving on the server
[HIRED] A cog that allows user to shorten a url using our website shortener api
A cog that shows online / offline ping status for a network of servers
[HIRED] $20 Multi server role sync
[PAID] Role Sync
[PAID] PC Part Picker Cog
[Paid] Issue creator
Uno cog
Invite Tracking
[PAID] [Paid] Custom Bot Dashboard
!PING module required
Modmail Cog like Fortnite has!
[HIRED] Matchmaking Cog
Random Image posting link w/collections
[FREE] Economy Embed
Manga panel fetch
Sorted Help Command
Twitch Clips Webhook/API
[Paid] [$5] voice generator bot
[HIRED] Google Calendar Events- $50
[HIRED] Will Pay - custom reaction commands
[$10USD] A Football / Soccer info cog
[$30+] Giveaway/Raffle Cog
SpeedRun LeaderBoard Monitor
[Paid] Activity role Assign
Tweets 10 minutes after stream start by twitch streamer
[PAID] GiveawayCog
[PAID] Custom status cog $8
[PAID] [Paying] React to my message with emoji
Word filter/censor cog
[CANCELLED] [PAID] Port V2 cog to V3
[FREE] Ticket Cog
[CANCELLED] Moderation Cog
Vlive notification cog $10
[PAID] Moderation statistics
[$15+] Message Tracking Leaderboard
Replication of Apollo Events Bot
Cog for Users to Make VC's
[PAID] Gacha Cog
Folding@home stats cog
[PAID] [PAID] [paid] $10 auto emoji react to photos in specific channels (have v2 cog that does same that may help/be portable)
[$10] Template Cog
Custom Commands
[PAID $20] Anti Spam Bot Join
[CANCELLED] Profile Account Cog (Similar to MalarneCogs Account Cog)
Instagram Cog
[PAID] [FREE/PAID $10/In games?] Custom DM on any message in whitelisted channel + role
Dungeons & Dragons Character Info
[PAID] [HIRED] [Paying $20] Vouch Bot
[HIRED] [$100] Scheduler cog that can detect last message
Soccer (Football) cog - live scores, team news, tables (ÂŁ negotiable)
[HIRED] [HIRING] Anti Grief Cog
Random response to command with tag or tag author if no tag provided
[Price Negotiable] Help with GW2 cog
Lottery cog
Lottery Multi-Entry, not economy based
[CANCELLED] Announcment
Rust Game Server Status
[DONE] Ping Cog
[PAID] On_connect cog improvement
[FREEBIE] Game Deals COG
FiveM Server Tracker
Auto Role / Message
Profiles cog
[HIRED] [Paid or Free] Uptime Kuma Cog
[PAID] Weverse notification cog . i pay $10 for this
[PAID] [Paid] [$15] Anti AFK / AFK Swap
[PAID] [PAID - NEGOTIABLE] Ban limiter cog
[CANCELLED] Transfer Levels/Stats, leveling cog?
[PAID] Away status role and message