[$30+] Giveaway/Raffle Cog

[ x ] I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules


$30 and willing to pay more Paypal

Description of Cog

I’m looking for a cog that can do Reaction Giveaways/Raffles (react to the message and you’re entered in the raffle). However I’d like to be able to add optional requirements that members must meet to enter the raffle. Here’s an example of what I’d like

[p]giveaway start

[bot]  Please mention the name of the channel in which this giveaway should be hosted.

[user] #example-channel

[bot] Specify the duration of the  giveaway

[user] 1d

[bot] How many winners will this giveaway have?

[user] 1

[bot] Do giveaway entrants need to be in a server? 

At this point I could either send the permanent invite link or I could respond “No”

If a invite link is given, the bot must already be in the server hosting the giveaway, and the server members are required to join

Once the member joins the required server, they’ll be able to enter the giveaway.

If the member leaves either the giveaway server, or the server required to enter the giveaway, their entry will be removed.

[user] www.invitelink.example

[bot] How many messages do giveaway entrants need?

[user] # 

[bot] How long do entrants need to participate in voice?

[user] 5h

[bot] What is the prize?

[user] prize

[bot] *inserts giveaway embed*

The main part I’m wanting is the required server joining, messages, and vc time. This would make it similar to santa wumpus giveaway bot. Feel free to message me on Discord for more info or to discuss.


Waiting for a response on Discord.