Cog for Users to Make VC's

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Meister Miles#7102

This should be extremely simple, it’s a couple commands. Probably no need for payment. We can discuss though.

This is a cog where users can create VC’s using a certain command, and pass arguments like permissions and VC size. After inactivity this should disconnect and delete the VC. If you contact me we can talk more.


Thanks, Miles

Maybe you can work with Dav’s Roomer?

I’ve checked it out. I don’t think users can use commands to make VC’s.

After discussing this with the author, I have decided to take this bounty and have started working on it.

The bounty has been completed and paid! Good communication with the author, they clearly explained what they wanted. This will also soon be publicly available on my repo.