[$15+] Message Tracking Leaderboard

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I’m looking for a cog that can do the following…

  1. Track messages of individual users
  2. Make a daily/weekly/monthly/all-time message leaderboard (Top 10)

The following commands are how I’d like it to function

[p]lb - Shows top 10 leaderboard for most messages sent that week
[p]lb daily/weekly/monthly/all-time - Shows top 10 leaderboard for most messages that day/week/month/all-time
[p]m - Shows how many messages the user who sent the command has sent that week.
[p]m @user - Shows how many messages a tagged user has sent that week

The daily/weekly/monthly leaderboard obviously need to reset. It’d be a bonus if a role could be assigned to the user with the most messages every week.

V2 or V3:

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

To clarify, do the daily/weekly/monthly boards reset every day/week/month or are they rolling totals for the past 24h/7d/30d?