Creature Slayer minigame

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Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: SaraCaterina#1015
Payment: PayPal, negotiable
Cog name: Creature Slayer
Red version: V3

Cog Description:

Creature Slayer is a minigame that utilizes RNG elements to take down random creatures. I only need core mechanics done, I want to be able to add all the creatures, attacks, weapons, etc. myself.


Someone starts the game by typing /hunt. Other players can then join the game using the same command. After 60 seconds has passed (or the max player limit of 6 reached), it would then select from a random pool of creatures (from a text file) with a predefined numerical HP value (health) attached to that creature. Players would take turns attacking (in order) with random amounts of damage, cycling through all players until the creature is slayed. An attack phase can also be replaced with the creature randomly killing the player). The last person to attack gets a “final blow” bonus, doubling their reward money. (Note: every time the player deals damage, it gets added to a config value that displays total lifetime damage)

Players can also die, in which they will be sent to an infirmary to heal for 4 hours. During this time, they will not be able to join another hunt.

Additional notes:

  • Players win money at the end of the hunt, which is the damage they dealt x100. Players who land the final blow gets double the reward amount.
  • I would also like a leaderboard to display kills and deaths, sorted by player with the most kills
  • In addition to that a stats command which displays their own player stats (kills, deaths, lifetime damage done)
  • I would like this cog to be global, so players can’t just start multiple hunts in several servers. If they are already in a hunt in one server, joining one in another server will tell them they’re already in one. Same with deaths.

Hopefully this is enough info, DM me on Discord if you have any questions!