Need Bio/Account cog that lets me filter for values

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Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Akimbo

Payment Information (Optional): Payment through Paypal. Amount is up for discussion

Description of Cog:
The Bio and Account cogs are great, but I would like to define “Topics” (like What is your favourite colour) and have the users answer by reacting with an emoji. Then I would like to be able to filter for these values with a command (like: Show me all users whose favourite colour is “orange”)


Hey. I would love to discuss this with you and look at this from a broader perspective to see if i can help you with implementing it. Can you give me your exact discord username with your tag so i can dm you? or alternatively you can dm me. My username is crayyy_zee#2900 :slight_smile:

After speaking to the client I’ll be taking up the bounty

The cog is done, delivered and paid for. Working with the client was very enjoyable and was very considerate.