[Paid/Negotiable] Reddit Improved Preview/Re-post Cog

:heavy_check_mark: I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Discord Username: Eraly#6665

Payment Information: Willing & Negotiable.

Description of Cog:

(sincere apologies for re-post, I apparently can’t read…)

I am requesting a cog that replaces Reddit links/posts, with an improved preview (rich preview if I understand correctly, not a developer).

I have been able to find a github repository with the exact functions I am looking for on a separate bot.
Found Here: GitHub - haveachin/reddit-bot: A discord bot that replaces reddit links with their image
I’m not a licensing expert but from a quick look you should be able to use this, if you can.

I host my own Red-Bot so the main purpose of this request is to remove the dependency of the above 3rd party bot from my server.

For example, if a video link is posted the bot will remove the post and create another post, uploading the video directly to the channel. Referencing the original poster and creating a link to reddit in an improved format.

Example of Video bot function:


If a GIF link from Reddit is posted, it will remove the post. create a new post with the actual GIF, able to be watched and previewed within Discord. With the link available as well, similar to the above example.
(Note, I have screenshotted examples but cant post more than one image here. Happy to provide)

The functionality for text and Image reddit posts would also be extremely appreciated, but not essential.
Examples within the github referenced above or happy to provide.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)
This may have the possibility to expand to other posting sites to provide better functionality with discord.
An extreme thank you and appreciation if anyone picks this up :slight_smile:

This is a cog I’d really like to see - I’ll happily contribute to the bounty for this.