Verification by Email

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(One example why this would be useful:) There have been a huge increase of mass bots joining servers to DM raid so why not use Email verification. Like any verification, you have to do a command or reaction before gaining access to the server but this one comes with a twist. You have to enter your email and the bot will send you an Email of a verification code, you have to go back to server (or DMs) and do the command with the code (example: [p]verify 9m8AoP) to gain access to the server.

DM me for more details (I might be able to help a little with the coding side but don’t expect me to)



I would like to tell you that your price might not be interesting enough for such functionalities, I am not here to discourage you but to tell you the difficulties of e-mailing.
E-mailing is very tricky, there are differents way to do them, either hosting your own e-mails servers to send your message, but you can also rely on other companies that will ask you to pay them to use their services, generally on a form of monthly subscription (Mailchimp as an example), or also connecting directly to your Google’s account, however, you will need to make your account less safe and this might have a high security risk.

Creating the rest of cog should be pretty straightforward however, sending e-mails is a challenge. I am not informed if there is any good PyPi’s library that can do all of this job for you, but I highly doubt it.

Thank you for reading me.