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Discord Username: Dimmizer

Payment Information: Paypal

Description of Cog
I need a cog that will allow users to [p]apply and the bot sends them a series of questions they answer and then that information is sent to a channel for staff to approve/deny. This cog could be used for staff/moderator applications or just member applications for guilds, clans etc… Would be cool if I am able to add or remove questions or change the questions that the bot asks.

I know how to edit .ini files n such so if it’s just a matter of editing an .ini and change the text or adding more lines etc… that’s easy enough otherwise maybe make it pull the questions from a .txt file that can be edited or something? idk… not sure the best way to make this part.

It would be even cooler if after the application is submitted it gets sent to a “forum” channel and a new thread is created where the person who applied can see it and then that way discussion can be had between staff/recruiters and the person who is applying for the position and be voted on by other staff if it is to be accepted or denied.


Hello. I’ll be dm’ing you to discuss about this further as I’d like to work on this. Look out for my message request @crayyy_zee on discord

Still lookin :smiley:

I am currently working on a cog that could potentially handle this. It will largely be a Survey style cog but could potentially have toggles for Application stuff. I make no commitments to an ETA and a payment will not change that. I am hoping to have something out soon (1-2 weeks) though

Lookin forward to it! :smiley: