(Paying) Mod stats

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Description of Cog:
Looking for a statistics over moderation actions.
In practice this cog should collect stats over all types of moderation based actions all from mutes to replies in modmail.

  • It should be based on all time and monthly.
  • The statistics will be based on amount of mutes, bans, warns, reports, ticket replies each staff has made.
  • Should also count the reports a staff has made (we got a report cog feature where a user can add a reaction to a message to report it).
  • We got modmail ticket system on a external bot, the bot should also count when a user replies to a ticket using the command “-reply”
  • Every week it should also post statistics in a channel of every staff member and the staff actions they have performed that week
  • Ability to set a threshold of total moderation actions performed per week, if threshold is not met for a member they get dmed.
  • Members without the staff roles should automatically get cleaned from the stats

If something is unclear or you got questions we can discuss further on discord.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information

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I’m interested by taking your bounty, my discord is notKai#8502