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I ran across another bot that offers an undocumented “feature” in the form of providing a YouTube Watch Together link that is played through the VC channel the requester is in… This is a group watch activity.

For obvious reasons, the fact it’s Undocumented (not to mention remote hosted and closed source) makes me want to seek something else. Everything else I’m doing is handled by Red except for this, and I’d like to see if anyone would be willing to help.


API’s or other information
I’ll provide the other Bot’s name and info on request.

Just to add, I’ve done some searching around and found that this feature isn’t technically live yet. Discord used it with their Birthday stuff but it is otherwise undocumented and unsupported by Discord (and subject to change and/or deletion at any time). The method I found doesn’t work (the ID they gave errored)

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The ID needs to be the Google YouTube Data v3 API (https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/dashboard), I believe.

I’ve got it to work with the other Bot, and someone directed me towards a Javascript version rather than Python (which is ok, but not what I can readily use without putting in a lot of work to learn more JS), I can’t say whether this is wide-spread or not.

If you want the code I was directed to (probably the same one you already have seen, feel free to hit me up

Edit: It seems to work browser-based Discord and the Win10 PC client, but I’ve yet to get it to work on the mobile client.