**Game Server Tracker (V3)**

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Game server status bot as shown in image. Preferably a direct clone. Will be used specifically for a game on the quake 3 rcon protocol called Jedi Academy.


  • Auto updates every 15 minutes, or when the refresh reaction is hit
  • Graph of last 24hrs player activity
  • Player list, game, map, player count, direct connect ip, server name and instance name

Feel free to pm me for more info about the bot we are currently using.

Main goal is trying to get all of our discord bots into one, Red has been a perfect solution so far.

Contact me: tayst#2590

Payment: Paypal $40 USD

Kind regards,

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Also looking for something similar for steam dedicated servers. Would be willing to add to the bounty

This is basically the same request as this:

Since AlphaOmega never posted again, I talked with YamiKaitou about this. I forgot about this until today.
I think the gameservers cog might be something like this.

Edit: Nevermind, seems the cog isn’t really released yet.

I contacted the author and am working on the cog. He wants it pretty specific so the cog above would not work.