Lottery Multi-Entry, not economy based

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Discord Username Krissbro#0742

Payment Information: Happy to use Paypal, Around $30 but open to offers.

Description of Cog
Lottery/Giveaway type cog
-react to enter, can react multiple times and be counted as entered up to x (x is defined in setup e.g. “how many times can people enter”
-Define name and description as an embed
-Cost to enter as line on embed
-days to end as line on embed
-can define how many times people can enter and show who has entered x times
-Number of entries increases per user chances of winning, but can only win once.
-Number of prizes defined, eg 1st 2nd 3rd prize, configurable.
-define the duration of the lottery before a random winner is drawn.
-Winner drawn from entrants pool with x1 ticket having x percentage chance to win, increasing per entry as defined in above step.
-Only users with a defined role can participate, anyone else’s reaction isn’t counted.


No API’s necessary

Need to be able to define a role who “runs” the lottery, and has control over the “event” as it were .

I appreciate this is possibly more complex than I realise, so I really am open to offers on the cost of this feature.