Discord to Google Sheet Integration

[:white_check_mark: ] I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Discord Username: Sasha#0007

Payment Information (15?) Australian $, Paypal if it goes ahead, and others may want to add additional funds(?) If deemed interesting and so on

Description of Cog: Google Sheet Cog

A cog to connect & post Discord New Messages that post in certain channels, to a new row in a Google Sheet (via sheet id). Some of these are channel follows, and rss feeds from one of my RedBots, so any posts including the occasional ‘just link’, if for example its from youtube or twitter.

To imitate somewhat the various ‘paid’ apps, this connection would post up to about 4 new columns, like 1: name (of poster) 2: date/time 3: content 4: should be a ‘clickable link’, one thing I notice with these apps, I have to go to the spreadsheet and hit ‘enter’ after any link, to make it clickable: however this is not a ‘must have’ ofc (these sheets are published as a webpage and embedded into a website, js)

With the various ‘apps’ available, apart from any free acct can only post up to about 100 to 300 ‘posts’ per month, they also only allow a certain framework, unless a paid account as well. ie: limiting post template to 1 or 2 columns etc


Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC) :slight_smile: This seems to be a highly searched-for function these days, (generally, for Discord > Google Sheets) as Discord ‘ages’ :slight_smile: and can only see it as benefiting the RedBots multifunctionality. It could possibly also integrate new row, to Discord, but that is something I’ve seen people look for, not what this request encompasses.

To be more concise, this is a

new message in channel,
creates a new line/row in a google sheet.

Example here: https://youtu.be/aZ9in0_w46U

Thought it may have been popular, since not a private custom cog, which would be worth more… As is, would be owned by the CogMaker and open for anyone to use.

If someone wants to add to the Bounty $ amt, let me know. As will remain interested long-term, if so.

For now, have just found ‘WidgetBot Io’, which is aesthetically nicer than a google sheet page, embedded into the website, however not just one or two channels.

Noting here, if it helps others.

Thing is, I heard that working with the Google API is quite a pain from a couple people. So, something like this may or may not be easy. On top of that, it is up to the individual person if they wish to take on the bounty or not.

I’ve made red cogs that work with Google Sheets API before, but $15 seems to be too little for the effort it’s going to take.

Hi: To the above…

Was mainly leaving this here if people wanted to add $ to the bounty, and tbh: I mentioned 15 as it’s not a ‘custom private cog’, just a public cog, for all to use. As had also seen many interested parties when searching either on google or within the red server, for a cog/discord bot to do this: so I thought people may have wanted to add $ to it, no big deal if not, as was not a particularly necessary cog for me.

(as for ‘TwinDragon’, lol… obviously… I made a general comment, [‘popular’:] regarding people looking for one, not making the cog)

I have solved it as mentioned above for embedding in my website, with Titan Embeds, far nicer for my needs… Thanks anyway