[PAID] [$30] Web game score tracker

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Glas#0973

Payment Information (Optional) 30$ USD - Paypal, (PP fees will be deducted)
Due to complexity and features that might be needed price is negotiable

Description of Cog: Score tracker for web game

V2 or V3: V3

API’s or other information: There’s an API to grab scores but uses user cookies to access the data, so the data needs to be grabbed from a local MongoDB Instance, meanwhile song and category data is public available

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC):

I’d like to make a COG that tracks and reports new users score on a certain channel.
If a player records a new score post it as an embed in a fancy editable format with variables and custom emotes/images.

Cog would also mention if a user has defeated another player record.
Not-Embed example?

There’s also need for certain commands listed below


  • Decrypt score data Not anymore, dev helped, +info on posts below
  • How to learn if a score was recorded on the database.
  • Score table on DB has no unique identifier/date so I assume cog will need to track changes from DB to determine if a score is new or not. (There’s correlation from _id), but sadly no date on that.
  • Report if a new song has been added (from API), songs have a unique int identifier. So a daily task could check if a new song was added and report it as well on a channel via embed.

Score Example:

Source: taiko-web/scorestorage.js at master · bui/taiko-web · GitHub


  • !songlist : Grab all song names with ID number from database
  • !toprank id: Create a top 5 of total scores with the provided song ID (from !Scorelist)
  • !latestscores: Show last 20 played songs and it’s scores
  • !associate: Link discord account with user name in database
  • !topplayers: Show top players in a week/month.
  • !setchannel: Sets the channel for notifications
  • !enablemention: Mentions the user when the score is posted (only if account is associated), otherwise show plain text username
  • !enablenewsongs: Reports if a new song was added

It is my first bounty so please let me know if I missed anything or if there’s is any feature i might need but I ommited! Thanks in Advance

Info on how to grab the score data.

The scores would take a lot of space if stored as readable objects so they are stored compressed. If you need to edit your scores, you can do so by opening dev console and entering scoreStorage.get() . Expand to the song and double click on values that you need to edit. When you are done editing, do not forget to save your scores with scoreStorage.save() . Adding new scores can be done with scoreStorage.add , first get a template with obj=scoreStorage.template(),obj and after editing, add it with scoreStorage.add("song name", "oni", obj) . To remove a score use scoreStorage.remove("song name"[, "oni"]) .

But still it would require the user cookie with admin in-game perms
It matches the example I’ve putted on my previous post

And here’s the script for the hashes

Dev helped with functions to decrypt scores from DB taiko-web score string decoder and encoder · GitHub

Would add it to the first post, but two links limits, also raised bounty to $30

Raising the bounty to $50. I’d like to get feedback or a quote from whoever saw this thread so far.

Title will say $30 because I can’t edit it anymore.

After some discussions in the DMs, I’ll be taking this offer :3

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I want to update this thread to say thanks to @npc203

It was an awesome pleasure to work with him, as a coder he was totally attentive and understanding of the situation, we had great synergy and we worked together super well.

He’s was super knowledgeable of Red and could satisfy all the requirements of the bounty, even if it was a foreign system with it’s own data.

I am super happy with the results and the requested cog is completed and I totally vouch for him, if you want a professional cog coder, please consider him.

A++++++ REP
11/10 would hire again.