[CANCELLED] Profile Account Cog (Similar to MalarneCogs Account Cog)

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Toast#7073

Payment Information: Paypal

Description of Cog: Would like a custom remake of malame’s account cog. with 6 fields. Will explain more detail if you are interested in this bounty.


API’s or other information: None


You must indicate that you have read the Cogboard rules and agree to them, which you have not. Alternatively, ask Malarne for your requested changes in a github issue.

Have ticked taht i have read the rules and agreed to them. i have also contact Malarne on github. i would still like this kept open for the time being until i get a response from Malarne first or one from here.


I am interested in this bounty, however, I would like you to take this informations first from me if you decide to contact me:

  • When the cog will be made, and if meet some of my personal requirements (Wouldn’t affect YOURS and how the cog should be coded), I may be using it on one of my bot, for a guild, but that does not mean the code will be available publicly.
  • If the author agree for letting the code open-source to one of my repository, the payment will be declined, but can be done from on of my support link.
  • As far as I’m thinking the code to be, I’ll be not copying anything from Malarne’s cog.

Consider contacting me on Discord, Capitaine Predeactor#0495, you can also contact me on Red servers.

This bounty is no longer needed.

Thanks for your interest.

Malarne edited the existing cog and provided some superb help.