[PAID] [$50] Birthday Cog

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Payment Information
PayPal/Venmo USD - Currently offering $50

Description of Cog
You’ve probably seen a dozen requests before, but after previously having this functionality on a previous bot for a server, this is a must for me.

I’d like server members to be able to set their birthday in the server and have the bot announce it in a specified channel, as well as assign a role to that user. Preferably, the format would be the US standard (MM-DD-YY) or other variations. (For instance, just MM-DD for users that wish to not share their birth year).

It would also be nice to customize the birthday announcement message as well as the time that message is sent in Discord. I would assume this would require parsing of different time zones to make it easier for configuration, unless UTC is used by default.

I would also ask that this Cog be made available for Public use so that other guild owners and members can utilize this cog’s functionality. I know of many guilds that would love to have this.

Cog is requested for Red V3

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)
Bounty: Currently offering $50 for the completion of this Cog, however if it comes to my attention that it is for whatever reason more complex than I expected, bounty prize can be negotiated.

ZeLarp use to have a birthday cog on his repo (unapproved), but has since been archived. I have a working fork of it, but it changes from MM-DD in Ze’s to DD-MM in mine.

Completed by Vexed.