Weekly Checks Cog [FREE]

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I need this to be able to easily streamline checks for my staff in a variety of servers. It must include the following options:
Different role configurations (what it checks, what roles, and it must automatically detect members in that role)
Different channels to post the checks into
Automatic creation of new threads after checks were posted.

So, basically. I need a cog that can help me do my weekly checks.
An example is:
I have a advertising server with a separate staff server. I need the checks to be sent in the staff server but it needs to keep track of messages sent in both and count them together.
So, for each role (HR, MOD, GROWTH, COMMUNITY) it will have different things to check.
Staff ads posted (manual input)
Messages (Automatic counting from 2 separate servers)
Discussion of Applications (Manual input)
AdWarns (already have a cog for this, but i need this for checks. manually inputted in)
Messages (Automatic)
Ads Posted (manual)
Messages (Automatic)
Ads Posted (Manual)
Messages (Auto)
Ads (Manual)
Events/Giveaways/QotD’s (manual)

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

OP has been permanently banned for commissioning work and not paying. Beware.