Random response to command with tag or tag author if no tag provided

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Description of Cog: Whilst customcom can send a command tagging a user that was tagged - it can’t tag the author with a different message if nobody was tagged by the author or different again if the bot was tagged. I currently have a v2 cog that was thrown together my an old server member - so happy to provide this to be converted or as ground work.

V2 or V3: V3

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Hello, you might want to check out my public Tags cog and read a bit on the tagscript docs. What you wish to achieve could be accomplished with tagscript similar to {if({author(id)}=={target(id)}):Tag someone when using this tag|[SUCCESS RESPONSE]}
There’s also a random block which you can use to randomize responses.

Thanks for the suggestion.
Trying to work with this - some of the stuff isn’t working, like break. I’ll keep trying - can you confirm that it should be fully implemented (using carl bot docs for example) or are there things missing still?