[PAID][Modify/Update] Looking to Send Embeds to another channel w/ Sinbad's Repo

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Using V3

In V2 I was able to use !send embed to use commands in a back-end channel hidden from users to send embeds to another channel; I’m finding currently the embed options for V3 need me to post the command into the channel itself.

I’m currently using Sinbad’s repo and would like a modification/update made to add a command to send a full embed to another channel (not simple embed)

Might want to check the cogboard rules a bit closer.

With that said, and since it’s my repo being referred to, I have no issue adding something like that. I’ll treat this as a feature request. If you do decide you want to pay anyhow, there’s links on my repo for that.

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Ah fuck, you’re right. It’s rather late here and I forgot to read closer on your terms :weary: My apologies, just wanting to compensate someone for the time/skill I don’t have

Thank you for the quick reply!

The latest update of embedmaker has an optional channel argument for a few commands.

(not for the ones which create & store, but the drop and nostore commands have this)