Alt detection feature with external website to check for IP's

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Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Unlockthepicture

Payment Information (Optional): Can be discussed, I don’t have a very big budget sadly.

Description of Cog:
I am looking for a developer/cog to detect alt-accounts in a server or to prevent people from joining with a alt-account. This cog is able to detect VPN’s, IP’s and (if posible) cookies. The cog is kinda simmilair to the DoubleCounter bot. But I rather not use that bot because their verification website is filled with malware-ads.

Two ideas I had in mind:

  1. The player goes to a custom url. For instance (hypixel is just a random name i came up with). There he clicks on a button to log in with his discord acccount. Once logged in, he can click on a button to join the server. In the background the website registers the discord-data and the IP-adres of the user. When the user tries to join with an alt-account, he cannot join, in the background the stafteam of that server gets a notification that an alt account of that user tries to join.
    In the case if the main was banned, he sees a notifiation saying “you can not enter this server because Username#0000 is banned from this server”

2)This is more like how DoubleCounter does this. The user joins the server using discord invite. (can also be from seperate website.) When the user is in the server. He gets a dm asking to verify. This can also by clicking on a embed in a channel which is only visible to unverified people. By clicking the url, he gets taken to a website where it automatically checks his discord info and IP. When he’s not banned or the main-account to verify. It gets accepted and he gets verified. If he’s banned or alt-account. the verification gets denied and he does not get acces to the server. Depeding on the settings the alt-account can be kicked, banned or only unverified.

V2 or V3: V3

Hey there, I’m interested in this. I’ll send you a dm so we can discuss this further