[PAID] Birthday cog

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10€ via Paypal

Description of Cog
I’m aware that there are currently 2 birthday cogs out there. However, Install Message of Dav’s says it’s buggy and ZeLarp’s is the one I’m struggling with for over a year. So I thought it’s time for a bounty and get a new, fresh out the oven cog.
Basically the one of ZeLarp is a good start, but it bugs often when a User is on multiple Servers. Double Posting or doesn’t post at all. Also Users leaving a Server are still in the bday list.

My improvement idea of the cog:

If User is on multiple serves, instead of setup birthday on everyone, just an per server [p]bday on/off
If User leaves Server, don’t show in bday list
If User leaves all Serves, delete from settings file
Custom announcement Text, but keep the Embed.
UTC Midnight announcement is good with me, but maybe optional per Server for other countries?

This cog should be available for the public. So, if anyone has more ideas to improve, feel free to comment.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)
I don’t know if 10€ are enough for the amount of work. I’m open for negotiations, but please don’t be to hard on me.