Translating JS in Python: ability to change channel names based on activity

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Hello, I would love to have my Redbot to change voice channel names based on the activity users are playing in the channel. There was a public bot called Channel Changer with this feature, but unfortunately they shut down the project. The javascript files are available on Github under the Public Domain CC (GitHub - Pigpog/ChannelChanger: Discord bot that changes voice channel names based on what game people are playing in it), so I am able to set up a seperate bot, but obviously I would love to have a Redbot module doing this and I think it would be a valuable cog to have for other users as well. Unfortunatly, my coding skills aren’t advanced enough to rewrite Javascript in Python, so that why I am hoping that there is a developer that would like to create this cog.

I think this cog would be a valuable addon for redbot and making a cog makes it more convenient to setup and broadly available. The price of this cog should be able to compete with the price of the already existing Javascript files; meaning that I am not offering money to translate the Javascript in Python.

Price: FREE