DayZ Nitrado Gameserver Cogs

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DayZ Nitrado Gameserver Management Cogs:
Exisiting cogs, most is complete already but scope of work surpasses my education level.
Bear in mind, these files are nearly complete, so most of the coding is done… the project requires imports to work within RED and some adjustments for each async def commands, and introducing the API and Postgres credentials. - two cmds for updating gameservers banlist.txt thru Nitrado API. - four commands allowing setup of dedicated channels for parsed .ADM serverlogs to post embeds into, one for PVP, PvE, Build placements, and autozupdating leaderboard for gameservers. - self explanatory. - handles all the GET/POST from gameserver’s logs and other settings, parses logs, queries updates to postgres db, and posts embeds to discord channels specified by enduser through commands to designate channels. Works with postgres db “Killfeed” - consists of all the admin level commands for managing the gameservers through discord directly, allowing restart/stop/status/ping online list from gameserver, etc. - this cog focuses on allowing outline a radius that notifies Discord channel, role, or user by coordinate sets for bases and gameserver safezones, also stores data to postgres db “Zones” - handles all updates from parsed logs and directs them to postgres db “Stats” - easy management of whitelist.txt thru nitrapi GET/POST and manages data on postgres. - Allows discord members to link their Xbox Live accounts from the gameservers database.

All of these I have on a repo, and began working on reconfiguring them to run with my RED instance. The cogs themselves are to work specifically with Nitrado API services (Nitrapi) and backend consists of Postgres databases as mentioned.

Some cogs already are able to be loaded and respond to [p]help with their respective commands listed as intended, but throw error once command is called. This is mainly due to the configuration of missing imports and the line in most of the cogs. I have also restructured them to coincide with the template for packaging, so all their info.json and are present.

Couple changes to be made in how the @commands.command is written on each file, possibly adding in checks, from what I can anticipate.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information
NITRADO API (Nitrapi) -tokenization + documentation avail.
Utilizes Postgresql - pgAdmin4

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

If you are able to add in that each time a player kills another player they recieve a payout amount for the core economy, that’d be great. If not, can do without.

I’ve taken this bounty under my wing and have a working release on my repo :+1:

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