[For Hire] Server-specific Moderation tools + General red-bot"s" managment

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Discord Username: epic guy#0715
Payment Information (Optional): Paypal/Cashapp - 25$ per week

We are starting out as a new public server (A matchmaking server). We are looking for red-bot devs for very specific needs of the server.

  • We have 4 redbots in parallel each with their own purpose of existence.
  • We need a bunch of hot-baked cogs some of em being
  1. Auto ticketing system (copy of “ticket tool” with transcripts) .
  2. Standard giveaway cog but with roles+economy gifts
  3. We need a context based keyword extractor to be running on every message (from whoever who opted-in for profile tracking)
  4. Online presence logger with charts showing their online presence stats.
    and a lotta setting up other public redbot cogs.

While these sound like long daunting tasks, whoever takes this will be working along-side me for months, solving things one by one. The pay is flexible based on the efforts you are willing to take.
For further details contact me in discord, I’ll be more than happy to clear your doubts.

I have contacted you on Discord for more details.

Ah yes. Must be 16+ Please.

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sorry abt that, forgot to mention qualifications

  • 16+ age
  • good in python and red framework in general .

Bounty’s still open

Soo, after some sane discussions. bumping the price to 50$ per week.

You will be rolling out one cog in the interval of 2 weeks (mind you as the post says they are complex indeed). so it’s 100$ per cog i guess.

After talking to Epic, I am glad that him & the team have given me a chance to work alongside them!