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Make a lottery cog where people buy xx amount of lottery tickets that adds up to the total lottery pot, the winning will be random make the bot do a random number and check if any users got that number say from range 0-999.

Make these lottery tickets purchasable by command or some reaction menu.

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I mentioned this in the Cog Support server already but I’ll put this here as well.

I have a Lottery cog that is currently being worked on. Currently, it has a Match 3 numbers “scratcher” in it and it is planned to have a Daily drawing of a Match 1 number game and a Weekly drawing of a Match 5 numbers game. The request here sounds like it will fit within the Match1 game. This is the part that I am currently working on, so hopefully IRL won’t get in the way. Once I get it out, I’ll welcome feedback and/or feature requests through normal channels.

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