[Paid] [$5] 15.ai voice generator bot

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules


Some sort of thing that would work with 15.ai’s website, where you could request to generate a voice and have it play through the bot.

Such as .voice SpongeBob say “Hello”


There is another discord bot on GitHub that does this, although it doesn’t work atm. It would be great as a cog!

I can pay using PayPal, ETC or BTC. I don’t mind the cog being available to everyone either :slight_smile:

So after whipping this up quickly on a bot, this isn’t really a feasible request and I will explain why.

  1. The website that handles this is using a very large network of GPU clusters in order to learn the voices and generate them at request meaning it’s infeasible to run this locally even if the source code was open because I would love to see something like this myself but capable of being trained for more people.
  2. The sample bot you have posted is doing a couple things that don’t really line up with how Red works. This bot would have worked for one request at a time but would have also stopped responding to everything else while it was gathering a response. This is what we consider blocking code. I made some modifications to attempt non-blocking code but the website is protected by cloudflare and only supports requests that are in its local cache meaning sending custom user input is not supported at this time.

Well that’s a shame!
I didn’t really mean your first option of running it locally, I meant for the cog to send a request to the website and have it send back, but as you said it still isn’t feasible that way. Thanks for your reply and for looking into it! I would say let a couple other people see the post then delete if if no one else has any ideas.
Thanks so much!