[paid] Giveaway Cog and help command

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username Elizabeth#6969

Payment Information (Optional)

Description of Cog
Iam looking for 3 things here

  1. Giveaway Cog [I know there is one called raffle but its not what i need]
  2. adding custom reactions on my help menu
  3. discord’s reply feature

This is how i want it:
[p]gstart 1h 1w nitro classic : starts a interactive giveaway
[p]gend <id> : ends a giveaway
[p]reroll: rerolls a giveaway

roles: [p]gstart 1d 1w [role] nitro classic : user must need a role to enter the giveaway
invite: [p]gstart 1d 1w [no of invites] nitro classic
messages: [p]gstart 1d 1w [no of messages] nitro classic

should be customizable:

Hit my Dms if you have any questions
V2 or V3

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

Hi there, I’m interested in taking the 2nd part alone, if that’s ok with u.
2. adding custom reactions on my help menu
Messaged you in discord.

Interested in this but can’t seem to add you on discord.;