Vlive notification cog $10

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i want a https://www.vlive.tv notification cog to get information about a V Live channel. you guys can get some help here for example : https://github.com/twoscott/haseul-bot/blob/99d998d2f6614ed4e016493fedd3ca92cad8f3d2/modules/vlive.js and https://github.com/kvdomingo/discord-kbot/blob/ceef3ca425e34edc5065933185de434f5fd11cbf/src/handlers/vlive.py

commands are something like this.
vlive V Live channel name get information about a V Live channel.
vlive list view all active V Live channel feeds on this server.
vlive add V Live channel id discord #channel or channel id name or id of the role to mention adds a V Live channel feed to the specific channel. Tags the role if specified.
vlive delete V Live feed id delete a V Live channel feed. Use vlive``list to get the channel id.

but its up to u guys whatever u add or remove.

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We discussed together and the cog is done and paid.