Invite Tracking

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I need a cog that tracks invites as in who joined usng what invite link, and if the user used a vanity url it needs to say used vanity url, and when user leaves it needs to log what invite link they used and how long they stayed in the server for.
All this needs to be posted in a channel
Example of how the log should look:

V3 cog

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Paying around 20$

My extendedmodlog cog does this as best as is possible with discord’s API. While it doesn’t show as much information as your screenshot it is impossible to know exactly which invite link a user used when joining. Furthermore vanity URL’s do not track usage so if a vanity url is used it’s assumed if none of the other invite links increase.

I’ll have a look at the cog thanks.
I see that however it doesnt have what i want in terms of leave logs since i want to see what invite they used when leaving server plus doesnt seem to show how long the user was in the server for.

And i am aware of not being able to fully pinpoint if vanity url was used or not but i am fine with a rough assumtion.