List role members cog/command

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  • Essentially an improvement on aik’s inrole command - I need the bot to respond to command listing the members of a specific role, must be usable by regular users (aik’s isn’t).

  • desirable to have customisable response message “these users are in the role” as default.

  • Aik’s supports pagination and it will be required here too

  • would be nice if we could filter roles by regex or attribute such as color as to ones that are allowed to be be checked (for example someone doing inrole members on a busy server gives 1000s of pages and loads the bot host.)

V2 or V3

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

Is there any reason using the core Permissions cog to open up the inrole command isn’t working for you? From looking at the code, it looks perfectly possible for Permissions to do as you ask to aik’s inrole command.

They wanted to only limit certain roles that match a given criteria from not being able to be checked by normal users. I’ve coded, provided and have been paid for this cog from them.