[Price Negotiable] Karaoke Cog

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I would like to see Karaoke Cog. I have a few people wanting it but I have no idea where to begin with it and personally think it’s a great idea to be able to have commands for setting up a Karaoke game that works similarly to Music Trivia.


I Don’t really have a lot to offer payment-wise since I live off of a rather small SSI check. But if preferred I might be able to work up a small bit to offer since it is something I would very much like to see.

Just let me know how much you would like and I’ll see if I can afford it. My maximum budget will probably be around $25 USD and it would have to be on the first of the month since that’s when my SSI check comes in.

[p]karaoke start
[p]karaoke join
[p]karaoke sing <song>
[p]karaoke vote <user mention>
[p]karaoke setup karaoke-channel <channel id>

[p]k begin
[p]k enter
[p]k play <song>
[p]k choose <user mention>
[p]k set karaoke-channel <channel id>

Basically, it would need one person to enter a command to start a Karaoke event and each person participating would follow up with a join command to enter and it would then cycle through them in turns.

Whenever one person’s turn is started it pulls them into a private voice channel and plays their chosen song for them to sing while everyone else participating listens from the main karaoke voice channel as the one singing is played out to them. Naturally it would seek a version of the song that doesn’t contain the works and would post the Lyrics into a private text channel for them so the only voice heard by the rest of the participants is the person doing the singing.

The music would of course be played back in the Private Voice channel and the bot would be listening for any sound in that private channel to play back into the main Karaoke channel so the participants can hear both the music and the one singing.

When the event is over an optional voting system can be displayed for people to vote for their chosen winner.


GeniusLyrics API for the Lyrics of the chosen song to be posted for the person singing.
SoundCloud API, Spotify API, YouTube API V3 and so on for the Music (Basically whichever ones are actually needed).

Naturally my idea is that this would require the Audio cog so it can run off of the lava link service used by the Audio Cog

Sadly, this got quite lost in the bounty section. The overall idea is cool, yet thats just not possible with d.py/discord in general. Firstly, bots cannot connect to two voice channels in the same guild at once. Secondly, bots cannot listen to voice activity. There is no way for the bot to capture audio.