Yandex image search cog

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Discord Username: ItzXenonUnity | Lou#2369

Payment Information: Unsure currently, can be discussed later on if necessary

Description of Cog: I’ve noticed that the cogs available which offer image searching all use Google which is fine and all but one of the difficulties is when a (and from here I’ll avoid discussing in exact details just so it says sfw but will elaborate further in dms) user posts an image that was found online and did not show any reverse results on Google. Yandex is pretty much my go-to engine for checking the authenticity of an image simply because it’s not all that heard of so people wouldn’t think about checking it to see if their image could be found on it. Ideally I’d like to to silently check every bit of media that is posted and if it finds a result then it will alert staff but if that is not possible then an on demand command that requires the image url would be perfectly fine by me.

I do not know how Yandex works in terms of API usage or whatever so if there are any complications then we can try to think of a workaround.


API’s or other information: Unsure but if needed, (Yandex)

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC): I’m not looking for something top of the line/perfect, something basic but functional would be absolutely fine as long as it makes the job much quicker and convenient. Due to my financial difficulties, I’m most likely unable to pay for the work but should it exceed my expectations I will try to pay you for doing an outstanding job.

(sorry if this is not how a bounty request should be formatted, first post on the site and I looked at a few other posts to get an idea of what to put)

idk if this qualifies, but my google cog (unapproved atm, but could be found in my github) now supports yandex reverse image search.

Bit late haha <3<3 pretty much exactly what I wanted