Game Server Status - 5$

Discord Username ΛlphaOmega#8769

Payment Information: 5$

Description of Cog: Simple bot that will ping a server (DNS or IP) every minute (or defined ) and will announce if the server goes down and or is up again. it would be useful if there were some retry option and say announced downtime based on a number of attempts over a period?


This sounds interessting. If you let it be developed public for everyone and there is some Information too, like Game playing, Slots, Users online etc I would give some cash as well for this cog.
I guess automatic IP tracking would be too much (my Server at G-Portal sometimes changes IP, don’t know why), but overall it would be nice.
Palmtree has a similar cog for Minecraft.

What kind of server(s) are we talking about here? I have a private bot that checks (Gold)Source-based servers and updates an existing embed with details (example below).

I’d consider converting it to a Public Cog if something like it is what you want. DM me (YamiKaitou#8975) if you are interested in me working on it (the cog would be public, I wouldn’t develop it for private use) so we can determine what info you would like displayed (the library I use is not async and only supports A2S queries)

Mistery and I have discussed some of what he wants and I am working on it. I will also include the messaging that the OP requested. If anyone would like to request additional features, feel free to DM me about it

Hi all,

This is for a 20 year old legacy game, there is not server API/interaction so I simply want to monitor its up/down status by ping.

Can you provide the name of the game? ICMP pings are not an indicator if a service is up or not as it only tells you if the machine is up and responding, not the hosted services

Hi, the Name is Earth 2150 & Earth 2160…

You’re correct about ICMP, if you can test ports as well then it uses UDP 47624, however please note the server is currently down due to a hardware failure and is being fixed. the address is

BUMP, this seems simple to those that can code RED? will consider upping the reward if someone responds.

Hey Alpha, have you considered using a monitoring service like Grafana, Zabbix etc, and using the webhook to post alerts into a channel?

People who say something is simple to code should code it themselves then. But, I’ve looked into it a bit and I do not see any way to reliably test a UDP port without knowing what data to send the port and what it would send back. If someone else knows of a way to reliably do it, go ahead and take it. I’m still going to be working on what I mentioned earlier

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@yamikaitou As per my original request, i was looking for ICMP response only. I understand the challenges when it comes to UDP.

@xargs hi, ive not considered this and would prefer a cog but im happy to look at it as an alternative, would you have any guides on how to do this?

Hey Alpha.

So it would require a server, and the guide I give would be dependent on the Linux Distro you use.

For CentOS 8
Prometheus install:
Grafana install (and use Prometheus as datasource):

Hope that helps!

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@yamikaitou any further thoughts on just an ICMP cog?

Happy to Negotiate a price.