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I need a cog that can sync different roles together similar to yagpdb, if a user gets one of the many roles it would add another role to the user, same if one of the roles were removed it removes the other role that is sycned with it.
This is in order to use borders in roles example age, gender would be under border/role called “about me” so when a user gets roles about age or gender it must give them the border/role called “about me” this cog needs to handle around 100-150 different roles and work seamlessly.

What i want is something similar to Dav-Cogs rolesyncer, but his cog is very slow and takes time and doesn’t work very accurate. So need something similar that can handle 100-150 roles constantly being changed.


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Can pay up to 20$

100-150 roles … the problem here is the discord rate limits…

About the innacuracy have you file an issue and made Dav aware of it?

Yes i asked him if he could fix it, said its not possible and the cog wasn’t meant to be used that way.

Which is why i am here wondering if there is anyone that could do this in a more seamless and accurate way.

The issue back then was the fact that roles were starting to like up as a “backlog” due to ratelimits and the bot just couldn’t finish working through the massive queue. My cog also used to use rather expensive config calls which made the entire thing not feasible on that scale.

Could you add me to discuss details? and work out something

Can’t find you with that username

Changed to SnowFlake 1-2 days after mb tag still the same