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I need a cog that work a bit like the TicketTool Bot.

That means everything is operated by reactions and embed.

To set it up, we tell to the bot the channel where we want it to send the embed message with the reaction emoji.
Once an user clicks on that emoji, the bot creates a text channel where only the defined support role will have access with the user.

Once the text channel is created, the bot sends automatically an embed that is going to be pinned itself into it with multiple management tools such as “Close ticket, Add member (Will ask for his name#tag that we have to type in chat)”.
Footer has to be written “Opened at …” and “By …”

The text channel has to look like this : Ticket #Number
Once a support role reacts to close the ticket, the text channel has to set the permission to deny any discussion and update the embed message with a replacement of “close ticket” by “reopen the ticket”.
Footer has to be written “Closed at …” and “By …”


Opened and closed category can be set via the setup command.

Opened category :

All new tickets will be inside the Opened category until we decide to close them.

Closed category :

Once closed, tickets come in this category



The command group should be [p]ticket


The setup commands should be inside the group command : [p]ticket setup [subcommand]


We can either decide to delete all the tickets or a specific ticket by specifying it’s number


Every operations have to be logged with Modlog

That’s it for now. We can discuss about it in Discord if you have any questions

V2 or V3:

Gonna take this one