[PAID] [Paying] React to my message with emoji

I have read and understood the Cogboard Bounty rules

Bounty Request Format:


Willing to pay via Paypal would need to discuss the amount required to make said cog in DM on discord.

A cog that reacts to ANY message I say with an emoji(s) could be multiple emojis. Would like it to run in the exact order. Also, would want it per server meaning I could have two unique responses on 2 different servers. Maybe make it an option to restrict it to only those who you want to be able to use it. Commands would be something the lines of
.emojireact allow Settle#2235 (would let me use the below commands)
.emojireact :smiley: :smile_cat:
.emojireact clear
um, all I can think of right now.


If you’re interested in taking this project as I said I’m willing to pay, we would need to discuss how much you would need for it though.

To elaborate, itd automatically react to any message i post

Still looking for someone to do this.