[PAID] Moderation statistics

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Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: send and I will add

Payment Information (Optional): PayPal

Description of Cog:
Looking for a statistics cog for moderation actions.
It should be based on all time and monthly. The statistics will be based on amount of mutes, bans, warns, mutes each staff has made.
Example staff A has 3 mutes - 5 bans it should show that on the statistics and the total amount which is 8. There should be one based on monthly activity and another for lifetime.
The statistics should show staff with the most and least amount of moderative actions performed. The cog should also count the reports a staff has made (we got a report cog feature where a user can add a reaction to a message to report it).

In addition to these statistics the bot should automatically grant the staff with most total moderation actions a role. The role can only be given 2 times in a row to one staff member.

If something is unclear or you got questions we can discuss further on discord.

V2 or V3

API’s or other information

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC)

I will be willing to discuss this cog further & perhaps take on the bounty. My discord is PaPí#6025