[PAID] [HIRED] Configurable Welcome Cards - $30 Starting

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Wzyss#0999

Payment Information (Optional): $30 - PayPal

Description of Cog:
Looking to have a cog created that expands on the existing welcome cogs. Currently, none support the upload of an image background. I’m sure we’re familiar with how MEE6 handles welcome messages and cards – I’m looking for something similar to that.

Here’s a list of requirements:

  • Send customizable messages upon server join/leave
  • Assign role(s) after user has finished onboarding (important that this does NOT affect onboarding process)
  • Send customizable card upon server join/leave

For further clarification, here’s a screenshot of what I’m looking for with cards:


V2 or V3: v3.5 [Important!]

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC):
Will negotiate price depending on effort put into project and complexity. An open line of communication is very important!

Hi, Im interested in this. DMing you on discord for further discussion.

@crayyy_zee , thanks for your interest! This project has already been assigned, but if anything falls thru I’ll be in contact with you.

This bounty has been completed by Hellfire! Thanks again!