[PAID] GiveawayCog

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So, i am looking to get an easier giveaway cog to be made… iknow there is one existing one called raffle but thats not what i am looking to have…

This is how i want it:

[p]start [duration] [winners] [prize] - Starts a giveaway in the current channel. (Example: [p]start 30m 2w Cool steam key ) (2w is 2 winners.)
[p]end message id - Ends the giveaway with the message id
[p]winners message id - Displays the winners of the provided giveaway
[p]winners set message id winner count - Sets the amount of winners for a giveaway
[p]reroll message id - Picks new winners for the provided giveaway

[p]role add role id - Adds the provided role as a giveaway host
[p]role remove role id - Removes the provided role as a giveaway host
[p]role list - Lists roles configured as a giveaway host

V2 or V3
This is for V3

API’s or other information

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I have taken on this bounty, after talking MAX on Discord.