[PAID] Additional Dice Roller Options

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Discord Username: Nero#0142

Payment Information: Paypal, 25 euro

Description of Cog: A dice roller capable of rolling fudge dice and percentage dice.


My hope is that a cog can be created that can roll both fudge dice (1-2 = -, 3-4 = 0, 5-6 = + ) with bonuses and penalties as need be and the roll under / HârnMaster system, where the goal is to roll under a given number on a d100 to succeed, with degrees of success/failure being calculated from the target number.

The Avrae bot is able to do the second type under an alias, linked here: Bot-Sothoth: Call of Cthulhu aliases for Avrae - Pastebin.com

Ideally, this cog would be able to also do the ‘skillup’ part, as shown in the code linked.

If possible, I’d like the cog to be able to do normal dice rolls as well, like the existing PCXCogs cog, to have all the dice rolls under a single cog.

Cog taken and completed by me