[PAID] [$10] Add a small command to Malarne's Leveler Cog

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

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Paypal/Ko-Fi/Buy Me A Coffee - $10

This is to add a simple command onto an existing cog developed by Malarne. It is the Leveler cog. This will be made freely available to everyone using the Malarane’s cog and a pull request will be made to integrate it into the main cog.

Currently XP can only be SET by the user using the following command: [p]levelerset setxp #amount #UserID.
This is used for setting the TOTAL amount of XP a user has, which is very useful.

This bounty is to add the following command: [p]levelerset addxp #amount @UserID to additively increase a users XP amount, which is not present in the cog.

Use case:
Starting at 100 XP, if I were to use the following command [p]levelerset addxp 100 @Five#6640, my total would now be 200 XP.


API’s or other information:
All credit goes to Malarne for making the cog.

The rules you agreed to ask you to work with the original cog creator before you ask an external party to modify the cog creator’s work. Have you spoken with Malarne about your request first?

I spoke with Five and everything is all good.

Just to echo Aikaterna and that this was cleared up. This PR has been completed by notKai#8502 and can be closed!