[HIRED] (Paying) Advanced Applications

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Payment Information: paypal

Advanced Applications


i would like to create an advanced application cog much like the current approved “application” cog, but with significant improvements.
this cog must not use any 3rd party sites to store data. for example the currently approved “application” cog uses hastebin

project must have all required features working prior to completion or bounty payment

$50 1. allow for multiple applications / roles / approval role combinations, example 1 for members 1, for officers, and one for each game we play, could be infinite.
$50 2. allow multiple roles to approve an application request for a single role
$50 3. minimum time user has had a role(ideally) or ?been connected to server?(not ideal) before they can approve or vouch a certain application type
$50 4. role based limit for howmany people said user can approve based on time, 1 per member (vouch) per X days/hours? , 5 officer (vouch) per X days, infinite for server admin
$25 5. BUTTONS for application approval or denial
$50 6. reaction to start application, without “whitelist” acccess to the bot (allow user to fillout applicition even if they are not on the bots allowed user list, when reaction triggers)
$50 7. option to require vouch from multiple roles example: an officer and member or officer and game specific role
$50 8. auto approve after Xminutes (optional for certain applications)
$50 9. option to re-prompt for valid reply if user doesnt answer an application question correctly.
$50 10. store player input details as private “profile” data for administration purposes to track vouchers and member integerty

$50 11. (application question triggers)optionally ask for ingame name during application questions, if approved bot set users discord name to name they provided
Total for required 1-11: $525

(would like)
$50 12. (application question triggers)require appliant click a link on a php website to confirm their IP and region / ping piror to submit application, possibly record ip returned from php
$50 13. (application question triggers)lookup users in game profile based on name provided using a public webite and set a role based on their ranks or classes in game(s) so they can access stat based groups
Total for 1-13 $625

$25 14. Notification options (with cooldown) for new applications (ping anyone in a role that can approve said app who still has a vouch for the current time frame)
$25 15. require atleast X vouches from a specific list of roles
Total for 1-15 $675

Hey, I’m interested in this. I can’t DM you so I’ve sent a friend request - Vexed#0714