[HIRED] [PAID] [$50] Random outcome cog

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Discord Username: “skyde_panthera”

Payment Information (Optional): 50 USD Paypal or other secure & reputable site.

V2 or V3: 3.5

Description of Cog:


Cog that selects a random outcome which utilizes Red’s functions such as add or remove currency/timeout/change nickname/ initiate a command on behalf of user ect ect.

The longer version:

A random outcome selector cog wherein the user triggers a text command and the bot randomly selects an outcome from a file containing a large list of potential outcomes then prints the outcome in the channel where the command was triggered. The difficult part (I assume) being that the outcomes make use of many of Red Discord bot’s functions such as adding and removing currency from the user, issuing times outs, changing the users nickname and more.

Some examples of how I imagine this would look like below:

User receives 5 currency.

User gets a 5 minute timeout.

User is given a role.

The outcomes file should be in a format that’s reasonably easy to understand & edit. Additionally some examples should be given so the user can easily implement an outcome.

An image of questionable quality depicting the general idea of what I mean.

Desirable outcome functions:

Add/Remove economy currency
Add existing Discord roles to user
Change users Discord nickname
Execute commands on behalf of user (for example to force them to use the slot command)
Timeout Discord User
Change Servers banner image

API’s or other information:

Other info (Bounty, issues, ETC):

The cog should be posted publicly and modification be allowed.

If you believe that the general idea of the cog can be completed via a better method please do suggest so.

If you believe the bounty price to be insufficient for the task please PM me on Discord or leave a message down below.

Hi im interested in this. DM me (crayyy_zee#2900) for further discussion.

Edit: Someone has taken up the bounty.