[HIRED] [PAID] $50 Dark Age API Fetch + Custom API POST feature

I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: Ramik#0001

Payment Information: Paypal

Description of Cog:
Will need a COG to query specific data at api.darkageofcamelot.com and return responses.
Also looking for a custom COG that I can API POST to with webhook-style formatting (boxes, colors etc). I can explain further in DMs.

Available to discuss this Friday afternoon (US time) and sporadically over the weekend. Thx!


Hey! I’m just here to tell you that your link seems not usable and googling for the same game for an API seems to result to nothing.

(That’s french but it says that it’s not accesible and ask if the URL is correct)

Have a good day!

So it’s a bit of a multi-step process to get anything from this API

first you need to search for a character name:
then if one of the results matches the name exactly, you’ll pull the character_web_id (in this case it’s zFiMtn4PUZQ) and search again:

There’s also guild lookups:

again you’d match guild_web_id
and GET /guild/info/cNzl9PUl4Rs

Once this is built I think I can figure out out to customize the output - I’d just want to be able to make changes to the repo after it’s built.