[HIRED] Matchmaking Cog

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My Information

Discord Username: xargs#0001
Payment Information: PayPal $20 (open for discussion)

Description of Cog


Scenario: User wants to play a multiplayer game, and wants to notify players to jump into a VC.

  • User runs !matchmaking game
  • Bot executes “@ user is looking to play $game! Hop in @ role!”
  • User runs command again within a defined cooldown, the request is ignored (prevent repeated pings).

Statement of Requirements

Bot can be configured to @ role when a game is mentioned. For example, !matchmaking amongus would cause the bot to message “@ user is looking to play Among Us! Hop in @ AmongUs!”
Admin defined cooldowns. For example, a ping can only be sent once every 15 minutes for all users (for that game).
Bot produces a message back if they run the command while it’s in cooldown
If a game is not recognised, a list of games is provided.
The cog must be made Open Source under GPLv2 Licensing.
V3 is the bot framework


I’m currently running a small-medium sized discord community with 180+ members. A common issue is the number of pings users get. Matchmaking pings for games like Among Us is essential but needs rate limiting. Slow-mode doesn’t really fit what I’m trying to achieve. I want users to be able to ping, while also having the ability to rate-limit them.