[HIRED] Loan Cog

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Cog description: Cog that allows users to loan money to other people, with interest, loan tracker, and debt leaderboards

Command examples:
/loan @user <amount> <interestrate> - loans a user money, with a specifiable interest rate.
Output: @user would like to loan you <amount> with a <interestrate>% interest rate. Do you accept? Y/N

/payback @user <amount> - pay your loaner back, will deduct from amount owed if partial payment
Output: You paid <user> <amount>. Remaining due balance: <debt>

/topdebts - shows users with largest total debt

/debts - lists all debts, by user who loaned you money

/loans - lists all loans, by user who you loaned money to

Discord username: SaraCaterina#1015

Pay: $10 or negotiable