[HIRED] Grinder donation cog integrated with my donation cog

[ :white_check_mark:] I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Discord Username: unknown.in (800721211893481515)

Payment Information : 60 USD

Description of Cog:
I want to get a grinder cog
I already have a donation logging cog with me, the new cog needs to be integrated into it
I can make tiers into it with some amount set
Will add donation using grinder command to a user
it will auto calculate and post update in the channel with paid and unpaid users

Red 3.5

I know description is not much clear, please contact me to understand the full functionality of the cog

**notes: All future bugs will be resolve by the developer who will take bounty and will not be paid extra for bugs

Dropped you a dm for discussions.