[HIRED] [Freebie] Custom Embed Pages

[X ] I have read and understand the Cogboard Bounty rules

Discord Username : Mr E / Egon.gb

Description of Cog: Looking for a cog that will allow a user/owner to make an embed that has page buttons.

[P]makepage embed1
[P]pageedit embed1 1 This is info that goes on page 1.
[P]pageedit embed1 2 This is page 2 and some info.

[P]embed1 - Displays the embed.
[P]embed2 - Displays a different saved embed with next page buttons/ reactions

The command names are irrelevant, just placeholders

The use of YAML format is ok or something that lets each page have a thumbnail or image, title, description.

Using Redbot 3.5.X

Tried to use chatGPT to make one… That didn’t work out so well. Lol.

I don’t really have money to throw out for this as my bot is only used in my servers.

Thanks in advance!

You can utilize EmbedUtils, by Phen, which has a lot of these functions.

Thank you for the reply, I already have that cog installed. I don’t think it allows the use of posting reactions or buttons saved with each embed that would allow for navigation like features.