[HIRED] Fetch other programs/platform release patch notes and post into chat

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Bounty Request Format:

Discord Username: imhugoleandro
I have friend requests closed so as not to get spammed. You can message me here, but I’d prefer to talk on Discord (I’m more active there).

Payment Information (Optional):
Paypal - Looking in 50-100$ budget

Description of Cog:
I don’t know how programming looks, but I’m looking for a simple web scraper. I have this discord channel, that is supposed to keep streamers updated about program/platform updates. For example when OBS launches a new version.

This is the current page, the problem is very unreliable the way I have it set up (I grabbed from multiple discords like the official Streamlabs, OBS) the problem is sometimes there they forget to post and I want to add other platforms like StreamElements, Kick, Youtube Streaming.

Examples of how websites look like, that I want to retrieve this info automatically:

These are some examples of the releases, so I wanted a cog to fetch these and format to Discord make a post into the chat I want, and send a beautiful message tagging certain roles (I have a role made for this). Basically do a message like this Streamlabs (previous image).

I wanted this to be modular if possible for this price range at the start, if there would be a way for me adding more websites. And I know websites/brands usually change their format blah blah blah. But this could be discussed with the creator :smiley:


Other info:
Sorry for my poor English hope to find the person (I have more projects in this theme in mind I want to hire)!

Hey, zee here. The idea seems interesting and I fele I’m upto the task. Please contact me on discord @crayyy_zee so we can discuss this further. Thank you.